A couple I love




This is Joe & Jess for those of you who don’t know. This is the couple I picked for this weeks photo challenge “A couple I love.” They always go above and beyond for another and whenever your around them you feel their love & joy in the air. They are two positive people who are always up for a good time! They are always creative in their expressions of love for each other. For Jess’s birthday, Joe surprised her with making a whole entire festival named “Jesstival” up. For anyone who knows Jess knows she’s a music festival freak. She has been to countless ones, worked at countless ones, interns for countless ones, and is making lists on countless other festivals she plans to go to. SO Joe decided to make her a Jesstival T-shirt, an official Jesstival ticket, full day  by day festival lineup of different musical artists, 2 cd’s filled with music she loves… and wait for it…. an official website that tells you all about the festival and a map of it. He made an entire fake festival for Jess… but it doesn’t stop there. Recently, Jess graduated college and he decided to go one step further. He made Jesstival come to life. Joe and Jess’s brother made a festival for Jess right here in New Jersey. They got an official flag, a live band,  a dunk tank, cotton candy machine, t-rex piñata, ice luge, ny rangers on the big screen, poolside with endless food, drinks, and friends! They are a wonderful couple that inspires those around them to love people & life. If you ever get the chance.. get to know them! love ya’ll.





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Keep your eyes open


Quote and photo by: Jillian Paul – who’s wherever she is right now. I think Hong Kong?



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love bigger than the ocean.

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